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3DAudioscape is a software and hardware surround sound 3D Audio FX and composition solution aimed at the theatre, design, art and cinema industries.

3DAudioscape offers the user a 3D visualisation of the sound field.

3DAudioscape enables the user to place sounds anywhere in space at any time allow complete freedom of real-time movement with an array of at least 8 speakers.

3DAudioscape is based on Ambisonic surround sound technology which incorporates vertical movement of sound sources as well as horizontal movement (X&Y), not normally possible with current cinema/theatre surround systems.

3DAudioscape is backwards compatible with any current 3D surround sound systems but offers many other configurations in addition.

See pricing for configuration options or email info@3DAudioscape.org


Web:  www.3DAudioScape.org  Tel: +44 (0) 208 671 2223 Email:  info@3DAudioscape.org


This page was last updated on the 28/06/2010