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The worlds first fully integrated Ambisonic based surround sound design tool.

Enables the user to manipulate up to 16 sound sources in real-time on any trajectory.

Spatialise sound using a 3D visual field and any midi device or joystick/mouse.

Backwards compatible with any current 3D surround sound systems.

Sound source movements are completely smooth giving the listener no sense of the speaker array.


Sound trajectories can be controlled and recorded using MIDI messages creating a unique/realistic interactive 3D sound field.




Use your favourite audio/MIDI sequencer to create and edit new sound fields.




Any array of up to 16 loudspeakers can be used to create a seamless sound field.


Easy to use interface an engineer with modern studio skills will be able to spatialise sound and create complex programmes in a matter of hours.


3DAudioscape runs on a supplied and installed Apple iMAC with a USB/Firewire audio interface.



See pricing for configuration options or email   info@3DAudioscape.org


Web:  www.3DAudioScape.org  Tel: +44 (0) 208 671 2223 Email:  info@3DAudioscape.org


This page was last updated on the 28/06/2010